#BBHMM Just One Of Those That Needs A Dance Routine!

By Leah / a couple of years ago

When you’re hot you’re hot and Rianna has been heating up the place for a while now. #BBHMM is a number that every dance studio wants in their repertoire.

Can you believe it’s been 10 years ago in 2005 when Rihanna first hit our screens and tweaked our ears with her very first single ‘Pon de Replay’.

Rihanna  didn’t like the song when she first heard it..  she said it sounded like a nursery rhyme!  Rihanna is 27 now, and it’s easy to forget that she’s been cleaning up on the charts for ten years!

In 2003, songwriter and producer Evan Rogers (who’s one half of the duo, along with Carl Sturken, behind hits for artists like Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Milian) was on vacation in Barbados.

Rogers’ wife was friends with a mother of one of Rihanna’s classmates, and the then-15-year-old singer wound up auditioning for Rogers in his hotel suite with Mariah Carey’s “Hero” (a song that won her high school’s talent show) and Destiny’s Child’s “Emotion.”

The rest is kinda history!

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