Limitless, the television series, can be considered a sequel to the feature film. There is a lot of drama in limitless. Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) is a 28-year-old burnout and struggling musician. He is introduced to NZT-48, a miracle drug that gives him access to every neuron in his brain. For twelve hours after taking the pill, he becomes the smartest person in the world. In those twelve hours he is able to perfectly recall every detail of his life, capable of prodigious leaps of intuition and reasoning.

With the mysterious U.S. Senator Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) providing him with a second drug (booster) to counteract NZT’s deadly side effects. Brian uses his enhanced abilities to help FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter). The problem is the FBI doesn’t know about the booster and Brian has to keep both worlds separate.

Brian has trouble keeping the both worlds apart when is family fiends out about the NZT pils that his sister fiends when she visets. She tells her mother about the drug that later tells the father. He is not surprised as he already knows that there son is taking the drug for the FBI because he is ” immune” to the Side effects. The Finch family gets in a fight and the mother says that Brien is no longer welcome if he does not tell her why he is ”taking” drugs.

This series is not only exiting but also levs you on the edge of you’re seat. I do recommend Limitless to you but remember it might not be you’re cup of tea.

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