The Superhero drama and action series Supergirl is an inspiration for girls and women around the world. She was sent to earth after her cousin to protect him (Clark). Kara (Supergirl) was on her way to earth when her pod got hit by a meteori
e (from the explosion of Krypton) and change course. The pod landed on a planet by the name Phantom Zone where time stopped for the 12 year old Kara Zor-El.

When Kara years later arrived to earth Clark was already grown up and hade become Superman.

Kara hid her powers from the world until a accident forced her to reveal her powers to the world.

To some people Kara is an assistant at Catco but in secret she works with har adoptiv sister at the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations). Where se saves the world from other aliens and anyone that wants to cause it harm.

She has to face difficult task on the way as both supergirl and Kara. But with the help of her sister (Alex Danvers) and best friend (Winslow “Winn” Schott, Jr)¬†she kan do anything.

Both Kara and Winn work att catco. When they get a new partner Winn is not so thrilled but Kara likes to have him there. James Olsen has a personal connection to Superman and was sent to National City by him. Kara, Winn and James start working together to save National City. Kara and James both like etch other but James has a girlfriend (Lucy Lane)

Supergirl is a good inspiration for girls and also a grate series. Personally i really like it because of the drama animagesd excitement.

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